Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mmmm Lemon Meringue Pie

Mr S and I were having a bit of a drive around one day and were close to this deli that I had heard about so we decided to drop in and have a look.  They had some delicious looking cakes in their display but it was the lemon meringue pie that caught our eye.  We decided to take it away rather than stop and eat there.

Once we got home it was around 4pm and I have a rule that I don't drink coffee after 3pm.  I have enough issues in the sleep department without adding caffeine so late in the day to it.  So I decided to make a hot chocolate instead.  Not just a normal hot chocolate with powder but a real one.  Luckily I had done a cake a few weeks ago and that needed good dark chocolate so I had been out and purchased a 2.5kg bag of callebaut dark chocolate.

The hot chocolate was very rich.  More a Mr S type of beverage.

The lemon meringue was delicious.  I will definitely be going back to that deli to have it again.

Rochedale Deli Cafe
Shp 19/549 Underwood Rd
Rochedale, QLD 4123

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