Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chocolateria San Churro St Kilda

On the Sunday afternoon of our Melbourne trip we took a tram down to St Kilda for a walk around the Sunday afternoon markets. We also took a stroll down the famous Acland Street where they have the most amazing looking cake shops.

I am very new with this whole blogging thing so quite often I forget to take my camera out and take photo's of everything. Apologies for that, I hope to get better. Anyway we decided to stop for a coffee as it had started to rain. We found this little place called Chocolateria San Churro that had available seats inside. Acland Street was extremely busy, people everywhere for the long weekend. I have never tasted these Spanish donuts so was quite eager to have some. As usual Mr S ordered a hot chocolate and myself a latte. I am not a big fan of hot chocolates, not sure why just prefer coffee.

Hot Chocolate

We also ordered a single serve of churro's as we were still kind of full from our yum cha that morning. The serving for one came with 3 long churro's and we decided on the milk chocolate to dip them in. They were delicious and the chocolate dipping sauce was just heavenly. Mr S thinks they were a little overcooked but I haven't had them before so have nothing to compare them to. I still enjoyed them and so did Mr S because he wasn't knocking them back even if they were a little overcook. He said his hot chocolate was so rich that it was impossible for him to finish it. This is a first. He loves chocolate and I can't believe he didn't finish it. Must have been all the chocolate from the day before at the Lindt cafe.

San Churro's. Above 2 images via San Churro

I wanted to pick this little dish up and lick it clean but my husband stopped me

Photo of the interior

Come on Brisbane you need to catch up!!! I wish we had some of these great places in Brisbane, but then again maybe not. I would end up the size of a house if we had all these fantastic places to eat at.

OMG I just double checked their website and what do you know they have one here in Queensland. Not Brisbane though. There is one up at the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore. This is about a 2 hour drive from where I live, so I am sure I can manage a drive up there at some stage...Woo hoo!!

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