Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Brisbane Adventure Part 1

A few weeks ago I decided to go into the city for a morning of walking around my beautiful Brisbane and to have a squiz in the shops.  I used to work in the city until the company I worked for relocated to Fortitude Valley and then I left just over 14 months ago now.  I don't get into the city much now a days so decided that I would catch a lift in with Mr S one early morning to have a walk around and then meet my friend Matilda for lunch and drinks at Southbank. 
Getting up at 6am so Mr S would get to work on time is not really my idea of fun and something that I haven't done for a while.  I am not really a morning person, more of a night owl. 
I got into the city at around 7.45am and with the shops not being even close to open had to occupy myself for a while.  I took a stroll down to the botanical gardens and then decided to stop for some breakfast.  Had some lovely eggs benedict and a much needed latte to wake me up.
Once that was all finished it was off to explore the shops.  I found some shops that didn't exist when I was working in the city and took some photo's of some of the interesting things that I found.

I got these 3 letters for $10.00, not each but all 3 for 10.  I thought that was a great bargain. They are sitting in my study on a shelf on the wall and of course are for Me and  Mr S.

I thought these little lamps were hilarious.  I am assuming to turn them on you have to flick that switch, and we all know that one touch of that does turn a man on..ha ha
I didn't buy one of these, just took the photo.

and I do love birthday cake.  Didn't buy this card but should have

loved this clock, it would look great in my study and it was only $19.95

all images above were taken at Typo

loved this apple...look it's me in the reflection looking a bit distorted

once I took the lid off I discovered it was an candle, I think it was from bed, bath and table, it smelt great

my much needed coffee break at villa and hut, it was a pretty good coffee to.
Stay tunned for part 2 of my adventure where I have some great pictures of my beautiful city to share with you.  It was a lovely day and the city looked great.

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  1. I love typo and those lamps make me laugh. Trying to muster up the courage to buy one!