Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Decor

I am off out hunting today for some similar wall decorations that are below.  These photo's were taken on our display home adventure.  I've heard a whisper that they have something similar at Target so that will be my first stop for the day.  When I was out shopping the other day I went into quite a few different shops looking for something like these but wasn't able to find anything.  My friend that I was out shopping with thinks they look like doilies.  I don't think so Miss S!!

I did however find the candle holders in Oz Design Furniture.  They weren't all that expensive either which surprised me.  The smaller one was either $35.95 or $39.95 can't remember exactly and me being me didn't write it down and the larger one I think was $49.95.

Wish me luck!!

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