Sunday, June 20, 2010

What did you do this weekend

What exciting things have you been up to this weekend? Well I have been out to breakfast, went to a Tupperware party, been for a blood test, took the dog for a walk, went to bunnings and still managed to fit in a little tv and some time with Mr S.

We had a bit of homemade (sort of) Peking duck for dinner last night. Coles has a new line of products from luv a duck. Which happens to be from Nhill in Victoria which is where Mr S was born. Never heard of it?? Neither had I until I met him. I think if you blink when driving through you will miss it.

Anyway here are a few pictures from our dinner last night. While I LOVE duck, Mrs S would not normally order this from a menu anywhere. There would be 10 other things that he would choose before choosing duck.

Pack from Coles from memory it was $18.50


In the pack you get 2 Peking roast duck legs, hoisin sauce and the pancakes

All that is needed to add to the dish is cucumber and spring onions

Our platter all ready to go

close up of the duck.  It was pretty good for something you just heat up in the microwave

Finished product.  You get 10 pancakes in the pack and the duck meat lasted to do all 10.  I did enjoy it but Mr S said he would prefer to actually go out and have it. 

They had some other products at Coles.  You could buy a tub of duck fat.  How good are roast potatoes roasted in duck fat, divine.  They also had raw duck breast that you could cook yourself.  It's about time supermarkets started carrying these types of products.  I am sure that Masterchef has had a lot to do with this.

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  1. I think duck pancakes are one of my favourite meals! I may have to desert Woollies for Coles now I know about these!!