Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Real Living

I look forward to all my magazine subscriptions turning up each month.  I have subscriptions to Real Living, Home Beautiful, Australian Good Food, Australian House and Garden and Delicious.  My real living magazine turned up in the mailbox today and the cover instantly caught my eye.  I just love the colours they have used this month, and love the material on the couch. 

 What I really like about this magazine is that they actually include items that anyone can afford.  I sometimes get annoyed when reading other magazines to find out that the cushion that I loved and thought I had to get cost $195.00.  I'm sorry, but I am
never going to pay $195.00 for 1 cushion no matter how nice it is.

Well I have now read this cover to cover while laying on the couch and sort of watching State of Origin at the same time.  Well not so much watching of TV, maybe only lifting my head to look at the TV when there was a try scored and a bit of biffo (I'm partial to a bit of the old biffo) It's just not state of origin without it.  Well done Queensland!!

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