Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lunch at Tuckeria Fresh Mexican

Last week Matilda got home from Italy so we decided to catch up for lunch so we could talk about her trip and look at some photo's.  We went to a place called Tuckeria Fresh Mexican in The Valley.  Very different to the Mexican I am used to having only really been to Montezuma's.  I had the chicken nachos (pictured below).  What I loved about these is that they were not your regular store bought corn chips.  I have a total weakness for corn chips.  My absolute favourite.  I can devour a packet in minutes.  The chicken had a beautiful char grilled flavour and I chose to have the black beans with the hot salsa.  The hot salsa was not that hot.  It could have been a lot spicier.  But overall a great experience.  If you live in Brisbane I highly recommend you give it a go.

Chicken nachos from Tuckerial Fresh Mexican

My favourite store bought corn chips.  Only new to Coles.  They don't even have to have dip.  I do just fine eating them by themselves.

Speaking of lunch, I went out again today to a place called Depot in Fortitude Valley.  I forgot to take my camera so unfortunately no photo's to show you.  The reason behind the lunch was to celebrate my friend K's last day at work.  I used to work for this company up until about 18 months ago.  I am so happy for K moving on to bigger and better things and just have to say "it's about time!!!!"  Joining us for lunch was A and A.  One of the A's is having a baby girl due 10/10/10.  What a cool birth date.  The other A, well I won't say what she is up to, but I can't wait!!! I think it's great.
Anyway at lunch today I had a spiced beef Burger with chips.  The burger was really nice and had a great flavour.  The chips however were way to salty.  I prefer to put my own salt on things and get slightly annoyed when food already comes out salted.  I have been to depot quite a few times for breakfast and one other time for lunch.  I love their breakfast, it's massive.  I wasn't all that impressed with the lunch time menu.  The last time I was there for lunch the menu was different and had much more to choose from.  Overall the experience was good.

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