Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Cakes

Just wanted to share with you another one of my cakes that I have done.  This cake was done for the lovely Cara and her husband Nick.  They were married last November up at Noosa North Shore.  It was a great weekend and we had a ball.

I had the pleasure of meeting Cara through her mum Colleen who I used to work with.  I had only done a couple of cakes prior to this one and this was my first paid cake job, so I was very excited and nervous at the same time. 

 I am a bit of a perfectionist and I didn't want to stuff this up for Cara, especially on her wedding day and plus, I was getting paid for it.  She was going for a pink and brown theme.  She had sent me a picture of something that she liked but unfortunately it was a bit to much for me to do plus I didn't have some of the tools required for the job. 

 I went on a bit of a search and found some that I thought she might like and sent them to her.  We came up with one that both of us were happy with and this is the finished product.  I am quite proud of it but, boy it was a battle.  I hadn't worked with the particular icing before and I found it quite difficult.  During the process there was a fair bit of swearing and maybe a couple of tears.

Progress shot.  You can see some marks on it but luckily for me they were going to be covered.

The finished product at home before taking it up to Noosa.

This finished product and set up.  I think it looks pretty good for an amateur.  I was a bit worried about it because it was a really hot day and it was outdoors.  No air conditioning which is not recommended for RTR icing.

The inspiration for our cake was this lovely cake by Sarah-Jane Wicks of Cake That.  An amazing talented cake decorator in Brisbane.  Hopefully next year I will be contacting her for my 40th birthday cake.  I am definitely not making my own.

The lovely Cara and Nick xx00

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