Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cook Books

I just love reading cook books.  I don't have near as many as I would actually like.  I do however make up for it with a few hundred food magazines.  Just thought I would share a few pictures with you of my favourite ones.

From top to bottom.  The Golden Book of Patisserie, I got this one last year for my birthday from Kathy and Neville ;-)
Jamie Oliver - Jamie's kitchen
Jamie Oliver - Happy Days with the Naked Chef
Jamie Oliver - The Return of the Naked Chef
Jamie Oliver - Jamie's Italy
Bill Granger - Bills Holiday
Bill Granger - Everyday
Bill Granger - Simply Bill
Bill Granger - Bills Sydney Food
Bill Granger - Bills Open Kitchen
Planet Cake
Marie Claire - Kitchen

Geez anyone would think I like Bill Granger!!

Mmm Ricotta Hot cakes.  I have had these at Bills in Surrey Hills Sydney and they were delicious.  I have also make them quite a few times and they come out fantastic every time.

Bills scrambled eggs are the best eggs I have ever tasted.  Mr S cooks a mean scrambled eggs but not as good as Bill...Sorry Mr S.


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  1. I'm also a great fan of Mr Granger! Simple, easy, tasty...what more could you want!