Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winter Days

Winter is my favourite time of year.  Not only do I prefer the fashions, but the thought of being snuggled up in bed under the doona is just fantastic.  I would have the air conditioning on in summer just to snuggle under the doona.  Unfortunately winter here in Brisbane is not much of a winter, it doesn't really get that cold.  However this winter has been particularly cold (well I think so anyway). 
Winter always makes me think of open fires, of which is no use in Brisbane and snow.  Well hell will freeze over before it snows in Brisbane.
I remember as a kid my mum always used to say to us when we asked for something that was just ridiculous "when the lake at Daisy Hill freezes over you can have it".  I am not even sure if there is a lake at Daisy Hill but if it ever happens she is in big trouble.  I know for sure that I will have a horse coming my way, other than that I can't really remember the outlandish things that I asked for.

Mr S and I are off to Melbourne again in a few weeks so I am looking forward to the cold weather down there.  I thought I might need another jacket or something a bit warmer than what I have and can you believe all the winter jumpers/jackets etc have all gone and it's been replaced by the spring fashions.  I hate that!! It's cold now and I want to buy something now, not months ago when it wasn't that cold.
And wouldn't you know it.  I have my first cold.  It's been about 2 years since I have been sick, Mr S however seems to pick up everything going around and I never catch them off him.  Well my luck has changed.  "fist shaking at Mr S....damn you!!!!"
Hope you have a great weekend, think I might go back to bed.

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