Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ron Mueck Exhibition at GOMA

Here are the pictures from the Ron Mueck exhibition at Goma taken 3/7/10.  Some of them I think are a bit scary but they are just fantastic.  I can't believe the detail of his work, it's just amazing.  I kept expecting the giant naked man to jump up and say "boo", he looked that real.

If you are in Brisbane I highly recommend that you get to GOMA and have a look.  It's on until August 1st and cost $12.00 to get in.  It was pretty busy when we were there so I didn't get a photo of all the sculptures.  I think I only missed one which was titled "dead dad".  He is not very imaginative when it comes to naming his sculptures.  I have put the names of the ones that I could remember below the pictures.  Hope you enjoy and sorry if any of them offend anyone.

Old lady in bed

Naked man in boat


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