Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Man Flu

That's right folks the man flu has hit our house.  However it's not Mr S it's me.  We have a complete roll reversal when it comes to sickness in this house.  Mr S is a trooper and I'm like a whinging man that thinks he's dying.  What's worse is that I have caught this from Mr S and it's the first time I have been sick in about 2 years.  But wait it gets better.  Mr S has gone and left me while I'm dying with the flu, that he gave me and has gone up to Noosa for a few days for a work conference.  Not diliberate I hear you say, I know it's just bad timing.
Anyway this is what DJ and I have been doing for the past couple of days.  Laying either in bed or on the couch sleeping.

Could hear this bird singing for ages earlier today, hear it was sitting on the fence in the rain having a great old time.  This is what the lovely weather is like today her in sunny Queensland.

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