Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wallpaper Love

For ages now I have been trying to convince Mr S that we need to wallpaper a wall in our bedroom, well when I say we, I mean him.  He won't have a bar of it.  I don't think he has ever done wallpaper before and he's not willing to give it a go.  I will keep trying to work on him and who knows, maybe one day he will give in.
Anyway here are some pictures of wallpaper that I have found that I quite like.  Which one is your favourite??


  1. You have a lovely blog here. I have neglected to add you to my reading list! You are on there now. Good to see another Brisbane girl!

    Just a note on my giveaway, if you add a note on your blog you get another entry! I totally forgot to add that when I first posted.. opps.
    Have a great day :)