Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This is what I got.....

Remember my post from Sunday night about "what are you having for dinner tonight?"  Well this is what I ended up with, not bad Mr S.  Very close to what I really wanted.  Well done you!!

BBQ'd steak with not chips but some BBQ'd potato slices and a spinach, cherry tomato and fetta salad with a lemon basil dressing.

I know it's not cheesecake but vanilla ice cream with milo, yummy!!

Feeling rather tired today, had an obstetrician appointment this morning and all is going well, was in and out of there so quickly.  It's very nice to be considered an easy patient at the moment.  At least our ob knows our history, so he knows that it hasn't been easy getting to where we are now My feet have been getting a bit sore and swollen over the last couple of days.  The change in the weather hasn't helped.  Here in Brisbane the last few days has been a bit warm.  Even resorted to having the air conditioning on all day yesterday.  First time but it was nice to just laze around on the couch in the cool air catching up on some tv.

peace out peeps!!

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