Monday, November 15, 2010

BIG Exciting News

I have been very reluctant to actually share this news on such a public forum but I think now is the time for it to be shouted from the roof tops.  I am pregnant, that's right!! Finally after 7 years and thousands of dollars on numerous IVF treatments Mr S and I are finally having a baby.  As I write this I am 26 weeks today.  Our journey has been a very long one with some highs and a fair few lows.  We were ready to give up at the end of this year thinking it just wasn't meant to be.  During our journey I got pregnant 3 other times and miscarried.  This one however has decided to stick around.  Here is a picture of our gorgeous little boy due to come into this world on February 21 2011.

So now I have the fun task of decorating a nursery (something I have always wanted to do).  After reading so many other blogs and oooing and ahhhing and wishing I could do something like it, I finally get to do my own.  I will look forward to showing you our progress.  Being on a budget will be interesting.  I have already bought a fair bit of stuff but still have some more to go.  Wish us luck!!


  1. Oh that is just the best news!
    Congratulations to you both. A good friend of mine has been through a journey like yours and I understand how hard it can be.
    I can not wait to read all the stories of this new exciting chapter in the life of Mr and Mrs M xox

  2. huge congratulations to you and your hubby, what a tremendous relief it must be... I dont speak publicly about it (or even privately, for that matter!), but the truth is I have been through v similar (with Fern) and know how heart breaking the whole thing can be! v happy for you. ps. I cant find the brand name of my change table cover but I bought it at Bubs Baby shop - think theres one in every state, it was the only non-garish one in the store and like you, I hate tackiness!! Have fun decorating your nursery.... x