Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Back!!!! and it's a macaron kind of Monday again.

So sorry for my long absence.  Mr S was on holidays for 3 1/2 weeks so we were pretty busy doing stuff.  Around the house and going out.  Well we spent a week down in Victoria and had a great time.  My legs were killing me when we got back from all the walking.  I was pretty slack photo wise though.  I didn't take one.  So nothing to show you from that trip.

Anyway on the weekend I went to a market in Brisbane called Boutique Markets.  Fairly new market located at Portside Wharf, mainly comprising of things for kids like clothes.  I first went to it a few months ago and seeing as though I don't have kids wasn't really that impressed.  Anyway, they have added quite a few new stalls.  Bit of a gourmet alley.  Now that's my kind of market.  I really only wanted to go because I knew that someone called Authentic French Macarons (facebook page linked) was going to be there and seeing as though I said you can't find a decent macaron in Brisbane thought I better go for a bit of taste test.

Well I wasn't disappointed.  They were delicious.  I also got to meet Rafael, the maker of these delicious morsels.  Now I hope I get all the flavours correct but I am sure Rafael will let me know if I have one wrong.

You can see his contact below on the packet.  Pretty sure at this stage they are only available in Brisbane.

Strawberry below

back row left to right....passion fruit, dark chocolate, mandarin??
front row Pistachio (my personal favourite) vanilla??

Can't wait for the next market so I can buy some more.

I also bought some bread from Harvest Breads.  Organic Sourdough.  I am a sucker for sourdough and it was fantastic.

Hope you all have a fantastic week and it's great to be back.


  1. Michele! I have ordered 40 macarons from AFM for this weekend!

    So glad to see someone else featuring there lovely treats!

    mmmm I cant wait to eat some