Thursday, April 22, 2010

A trip to Ikea

I took a trip to Ikea today with a friend so she could buy some frames. I find it impossible to go to Ikea and not buy anything for myself. I was after some cushions that I had seen the week before when I was there. They were a great bargain and at the time I only bought one. When I got home from that trip I thought I should have bought more and decided that I would go back and get them. Of course when I went today they didn't have any. That just pretty much sums up my luck with retail purchases. I should just buy things when I see them because when I go back they are always gone. Anyway, here is what I got today.

Dog bowl for DJ $2.99 so cute with it's crown

That's my dog DJ who decided he wanted to be in the photo

Below is the cushion that I got the week before.
It was reduced from $26.99 to $6.99

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  1. I love that cushion...I have made that mistake too with ikea, now I will always buy it when I see it!