Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beginning & Tylers Birthday.

Well, where to begin. Never thought I would start my own blog but here you go. I am normally the kind of person that would just read others and not do my own. My sister in law sort of talked me into it yesterday saying to me, " I am sure there are people out there that are interested in what you have to say". We will see about that Cinde.

Not really sure what kind of things I will post here, probably just the things that interest me. Maybe even share some recipes with you from time to time.
I may as well start with my beautiful nephew Tyler's first birthday that we celebrated yesterday. I like to think that I am an OK baker. I have taken 2 cake decorating courses so dabble a little in cake decorating, mainly for friends. I have, however been paid for two jobs now. Might even post one of those later on.

Being a first birthday I thought something special was needed to be done. I had thought about asking my sister in law if I could do the cake and had even discussed this with my hubby Mr S. I had not mentioned this to my sister in law when an email popped up in my inbox with her asking if I would make something for him. Well, I jumped at the chance. The last cake I had done was back in September.
The search on the Internet began for some inspiration on what to do for little Tyler. And he is little. Bit of a rough start in life being born 10 weeks early. He is doing great now and has a beautiful cheeky grin.

So here is the finished product for our little star.

And here is a picture of me with the birthday boy....

You will have to excuse my photo's, I am by no means a photographer or very technical with making them look good. I don't even have photoshop.
Oh & excited that Masterchef is starting tonight....woo hoo!!!!


  1. Good on you Michele! Loved the cake too...I will be definitely following your blog and I am sure I won't be the only one...(but don't feel any pressure LOL)!♥

  2. The cake looks superb! Why wait for yearly birthdays, I'm happy to celebrate each day with a cake!!

  3. Hey!! This is great! love things about cooking and cakes! Happy celebrating!